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...are you coming with us on this 10-day journey to the inside?

Online Live - Intensive with Yandiri Soundhealing via Zoom
Do you hear it, your primal voice?

frii, wild,magical and unique

Remind yourself
Wpicture Paradise back at it and free the bird of paradise in your throat. Let's use the 10 portal days from September 1st to September 10th, 2022 to melt what no longer belongs to you and deeply prevents you from opening up to your wild paradise on earth.

So it's time to let go of your reticence and conformism. Because honestly, the world needs your glow.

I accompany you with love and enthusiasm into your primal voice. Receive your light, your power, your magic...your bird of paradise.

Starts Sept 1st to Sept 10th 2022 - 3 intensive live calls with sound alchemy that will bring you deeply into contact with your primal voice 2 Yandiri Soundhealings in the distance healing group, plus recordings & WhatsApp support during the 10 days.

Your investment -> 333.- if you book by August 18, 2022, after that 444.-


... find your original voice and melt the blockages in your throat!

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