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Yandiri Soundhealing

sound healing

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Yandiri Soundhealing - Stefanie Grubenmann

Being yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world!!!   


Remember the inner vastness, spread your wings... and fly!


Do you hear your inner song? Or is it all too often drowned out by your environment and you don't know how to take your place in this world?

As I sing for someone, everything that feels tight now becomes wide. While my sounds vibrate for you, what is currently difficult becomes easy –– Why? –– Because you are inspired by the finely vibrating sound energy of Yandiri Sound Healingremember your original existence: 

light,wsince,peaceful and joyful

Your soul can spread throughout the body right down to the cells with their light and peaceful energies.


In this space you become soft and open. Old wounds may show up. Your body is like a river bed, in which my voice gently and at the same time powerfully washes around and flows through what is ready to be released. In the Soundhealings I work not only with my voice, but also with drums, singing bowls and energy transmissions. I sense imbalances in your body and energy field and balance them out.


In professional or private encounters in everyday life, irritation, injuries or even minor or major trauma can occur. Then our inner width suddenly contracts, in certain parts of the body it gets tight. From this narrowness, we continually reproduce negative emotions. My sound healing can help you get your emotions flowing and devote yourself to your essence again. 


Yandiri Soundhealings take place online or in my studio in Basel, depending on your preference. Both have the same effect with different qualities. 



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Keltischer Jahreskreis

Entdecke die magische Welt des keltischen Jahreskreises und tauche ein in einen einzigartigen Frequenzraum aus heilendem Klang – für dich. Am 20. März geht es weiter mit dem Ostara Soundhealing im keltischen Jahreskreis 2024. 

Die Klänge dieses Jahres werden die Tore deines Herzens öffnen, es erweichen und in lebendige Farben tauchen. Jetzt ist die Zeit, sie zu empfangen.

Erlebe die transformative Kraft der Klänge via Zoom, inklusive hochwertiger Aufzeichnungen der Soundhealings. Sichere dir das besondere "Bring-a-Friend": Buche den Jahres-Kreis mit verbleibenden 7 live Soundhealings für 240.- oder teile diese einzigartige Reise mit einem Freund und erhalte 2x7 Soundhealings für 420.- statt 480.-.

Dieses Angebot ist gültig bis zum 10. März.

Tauche ein in die Welt des keltischen Jahreskreises und lass die Klänge dein Herz erfüllen.



Keltischer Jahreskreis

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Your monthly companion "Bloom"

I accompany you intensively for 1 month into your lightness and your very own being. Instead of dimming your own lights, just turn down whatever is too loud for you outside. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially as a sensitive person. I will help you to hear your own inner song again and, above all, to carry it to the outside in a sounding manner, because you are a gift and are needed with your very own melody and what you have to give. The 3 sessions take place via zoom or live on site. Distance healing supports you deeply in this process of blossoming. In addition, you can reach me via Whattsapp during the monthly support if you have any questions or concerns.




Magst du mit einem persönlichen Cacao Ritual dein mutiges Herz stärken?


"If you love something enough
it will reveal its secrets."


Thank you, Stefanie, you have a great gift to feel what is hidden deep inside us and longs to be touched. With your singing and your hands you create this touch in an indescribably gentle way. I am very grateful and connected to you.

Sometimes the sounding sounds were reminiscent of a prayer, sometimes they were beautiful melodies, as if from "another planet", but recognizable from my soul, like home. There was a new, deeper connection with me, my inner song and my femininity.

Stefanie's singing took me to another level, so to speak, and I had the feeling that she was telling me my life without words. A sense of healing spread throughout my body, long afterward I could feel my cells vibrating. 

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