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Laughter frees you - try it


Do you rarely allow yourself to laugh out loud, perhaps for fear of losing control?
Hearty laughter brings up repressed feelings that make you uncomfortable.
When it does, you are confronted with feelings of shame, sadness, or memories of being disciplined.
You find it difficult to laugh at yourself.  

You feel the pressure inside you to want to do it particularly well. 

I say your, your hearty laughter frees and lets you be alive.

It's no longer a secret that laughter dissolves the feeling of separation. Laughter connects, laughter is contagious, laughter is sporty, laughter exhilarates, laughter stirs up everything in you so that a new order can take place in your system.  

As children we laugh for no reason.Receive your humor and let's blow away the collective addiction to perfection with a laugh and celebrate the wonderful lightness of our being together.

childish, wild, playful and totally crazy

Laughter session as a group course ONLINE via ZOOM / 1 hour.

Current Laughter Events can be found under the menu item ->Current

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