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For several years I have been working with my voice for my clients and have experienced that sound has the ability to bring hardened things into flow, to gently dissolve crystallized emotions and to find one's own strength again. Ancient chants and original languages are stored in our cells and they want to awaken again for the new world that is just emerging.


Remember who you really are


You are so welcome with your fear as it is your portal into your potential as a (singing) healer.

I cordially invite you  to help shape the new world with your wonderful voice.

You don't need any previous knowledge for this course, your inner calling and your longing are enough.


Do you hear it, your longing?


You are welcome with and without previous knowledge.


Awaken your singing healer and sound alchemist

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Do you feel the call to sing in your cells and thus achieve healing?

But a fear keeps you from it.

Do you sometimes hear sounds and chants and you think that it is impossible for you to hear them?can leave? That they just sound weird and weird, or are you telling yourself that it's just your imagination?


It is time for us women to be heard and seen with our gifts and talents andit's time that deep seated fear in your femininity of incineration, slanderand melt into the outcast. Because you are needed...especially now. 


You can trust yourself again and really listen to yourself.Your soul family is already waiting for you. 


Sound and especially vocal sound has the ability to heal, bless and carry those frequencies that an energy system needs. In addition, your voice acts as an amplifier of your very own medicine.


Do you know them, your gifts and healing abilities? In this course you will get to know them.


What to expect in this 8-week online course

  • 8 live zooms of approx. 2 hours each

  • deep female sound alchemy

  • energetic deep being carried through the whole time

  • Grounding and deep connection to your femininity 

  • Connecting your voice to your womb (did you know the power and importance of activating and living this connection?)

  • your intuition and your medial channel will be strengthened

  • your creative, creative potential is ignited

  • your self-healing is stimulated 100% (you carry your medicine with your own voice) 

  • learn to transform crystallizations in your emotional body

  • Activation and experience of your own sound world, soul languages, Lemurian sound worlds, light languages, star languages,...

  • Valuable simple tools that tune your nervous system into relaxation and fullness.

  • after these 8 weeks you will have the courage to show yourself with your healing abilities when it is your turn

  • three Yandiri Soundhealings in the group that make you feel deeply and integrate who you are in your essence

How is the course structured?

8 live zooms of 2 hours each await you, in which we will delve deep into your voice, into your activation of your healing knowledge, which you carry within you. A  small group of women (max. 15),

who feel the same call. A WhatsApp group to share and ask questions.

Written summary and digital recording of the live zoom so that you can

integrate deeper through repetition.

your special

Bookable at a special price, three individual sessions with me that will support you in your process in a unique way.These can be vocal-technical concerns, or a personal sound healing for deepening or stronger activation, or an inner topic that is related to your current development and would like to get flowing. The individual sessions give you the opportunity to really go deeper with what you experience in the group program or what is triggered in you. The individual sessions are precious gifts because they are tailored to you. As we work together, the Source, the Goddess, shows us exactly what you will need for your next steps with the sound, the chanting and the soul song.

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