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Yandiri Sounhealing - Stefanie Grubenmann


Connected to the earth, with its primal knowledge, the minerals, plants, animals and healing sounds.


Female alchemy and sound healing have deeply enriched and transformed my life.


Opening myself again and again, listening with devotion, forgetting everything and receiving the songs in the now that want to flow through. Free, wild, loving, earthy, primeval.


I sing to remind us who we really are. Chant has the power to free hardening and stimulate self-healing. They have the power to bless and carry the frequencies needed to balance an energy system. 

I'm Stefanie Yandiri 

I wanted to be either a queen or a singer when I was a kid... either way, to keep shining as we were all meant to be. My way back there went through numerous training courses and crises.

I studied rhythm and singing at the music college, followed by dance training with Lilo Stahl in Freiburg i.Br.   and a 4-year fascia therapy training. At 27, I felt too young to accompany people and spent a few years intensively on stage as a singer and performance artist. Becoming a mother heralded a huge shift in my life. What was previously only felt as a hunch took on a great urgency that I could no longer avoid. I have started to follow my inner call unconditionally and I still do, again and again.

And that's exactly what I'm passionate about: to accompany people to their inner voice, to follow their deep longing, to get out of supposed bondage, out of the adopted grids of right and wrong. I love to accompany people and especially women, to follow their inner song, to discover their own voice and to free themselves from constraints. All the gold is on the inside.

I'm kind of energetic Midwife. With my voice and presence, I create a field in which access to universal energy becomes easier to feel. It is a collaboration with the universe, the source, the soul force.

A co-creation. Beautiful. Easy. 

A wave motion.


I'm happy for you.

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